Using VR to Validate  Individual Knowledge 

Validation of Knowledge

Validation of Knowledge is a project that uses Virtual Rality to test individuals’ informal knowledge.

We create immersive simulations in VR for users to demonstrate real-world skills, offering a practical way to assess and validate self-taught or experiential knowledge.

What is unique?

Faster validation process in VR shortens the way to a job

No need for validation rooms or expensive equipment

Validation can be done from a large distance, anywhere in the world

VR in Education: A New Dimension in Learning

Virtual Reality (VR) can be used to simulate real-world environments and scenarios, allowing individuals to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a controlled, interactive setting.

By engaging in tasks that replicate actual experiences, users can showcase their practical abilities and decision-making processes.

This practical assessment can then be used to validate informal knowledge acquired outside of traditional educational settings, such as self-taught skills or experiential learning.

VR provides an immersive and objective way to measure competencies, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Collaboration with Region Östergötland

Lutra Interactive is collaborating closely with the Region Östergötland and the regional federation in Eastern Central Sweden on the “Validation in ÖMS” project. Our goal is to develop digital demonstrators and tools for efficient knowledge validation!

Our first VR validation prototype in the care sector shows great promise, and now we’re refining the tool for increased user-friendliness and even more authentic settings. We are currently implementing several new features, such as generative AI, for various applications in the validation process.

Beyond validation, we envision the VR environment being used for training/practice, learning, and even providing taster sessions for talent attraction. Currently, we’re testing and building a model for the care sector, but of course, it can be utilized across multiple industries and professions.

The benefits we see are increased accessibility and resource savings in various ways, and digital technology is rapidly creating greater and more opportunities.

For contact and inquiries

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