Lutra Interactive is a serious games developer creating educational and entertaining experiences. We focus on strong interaction and visualization, utilizing cutting-edge technology from the games industry.

This is what we do

Anna Eklöf, CEO at Lutra

“I founded Lutra with a vision to bridge the worlds of complex biological simulations and gaming expertise. There are no limits to what you can do with modern game engines.”

Innovative learning experiences

Originating as a spinout from Linköping University, our mission is to leverage game engine technology to offer entertaining and informative experiences rooted in research and science.

Educational games

Entertaining educations

Serving diverse clients including companies, schools and museums

Visualization of complex data using game technologies

Lutra specializes in visualization of big datasets and complex ecosystems, ranging from point cloud scans to video streams and digital twins. We transform your data into visually compelling and easily understandable representations.

Visualizing diverse datasets and digital twins

Transforming complex data into easily understandable representations

Enabling better decisions with engaging visuals

Nils Folker, Technical Project Manager at Lutra Interative

“At Lutra, we thrive on technical challenges, igniting my passion for solving problems. It’s the very essence of why I love my job.”

Why Choose Us?


We are pushing the boundaries with groundbreaking technology from the games industry.


We are captivating learners through serious games with dynamic interactions.


Revolutionizing education by harnessing the power of striking visuals and immersive interations.

Our Process

Customer Need

We analyze your needs to ensure that our solutions are tailored to meet your objectives

Pilot Study & Demo

A pilot study provide a proof-of-concept demo to validate the effectiveness of our approach

Full Production

We transition seamlessly to full-scale production, delivering solutions that align with your vision

Report & Learnings

At the end of the project, we deliver key insights and learnings in a comprehensive report

What People Are Saying About Lutra Interactive

We take pride in solving problems for our clients.

Here are a few testimonials.

“Games technology can help us investigate events and criminal activity by collecting and analyzing large datasets using AI and pattern recognition. It can also involve using visualization to bring the crime scene back to the lab.”

Lisa Lindgren, CEO of Norrköping Visualisering AB

“Collaborating with traditional game developers lacking experience in serious games can be challenging. Here, Lutra stands out as a key player, offering professional engagement and maintaining a customer-focused approach. There are no organizations that wouldn’t benefit from game technology.”

Tomas Ahlström, General Manager, East Sweden Game

Selected Partners & Clients

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We believe that every company and organization can leverage the power of games to their advantage, whether it’s for data visualization, education, or advertising. Games provide an engaging and challenging platform to create value for both you and your customers.

Share your challenges with us, and together, we’ll brainstorm innovative solutions tailored to your needs.