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Welcome to

“We turn science into educational games”

We are Lutra

Lutra is a Swedish game developer dedicated to educational and fun games with focus on ecology and sustainability. We are a spinnout from Linköping University.

Our business idea is to enable a sustainable future by offering entertaining, informative and educational computer games based on research and science.

Our clients are science centers, museums and schools.

Our products


Ecoweb let you explore the food web in geographical areas. Find out how species depend on each other and learn how loss of species affect the entire ecosystem.

The simulation is based on research in theoretical ecology at Linköping University. The goal is to teach biology in an engaging and fun way.

The simulation can be played at Visualiseringscenter C and Universeum.

Project: Cleanup

A top secret game developed with an international group of people devoted to make this world a better place.

The game will be revealed later this year.

Clients & Partners

The Core Team

Anna Eklöf

CEO & Business Development,
Associate Professor at Linköping university

Magdalena Annell

2D-artist and


Nils Folker

3D-artist and Game Design

Jonas Hallin

Game Programmer,
Mathematics and Algorithms

Måns Gezelius

Game Programmer,
Mathematics and Algorithms