Visual Crime Scene


New Methods for Crime Scene Investigations

Visual Crime Scene

Visual Crime Scene, a demonstrator for new working methods within crime scene investigations and as an interactive exhibition piece for the public to explore.

The Visual Crime Scene is a project that harnesses the power of game development visualization to solve crimes. At the Visualization Center C in Norrköping, the public can try out the Visual Crime Scene, a demonstration of new methods for crime scene investigations. 

What is unique?

Visualization of large datasets including laser scans, CCTV & mobile cams and projected movements of humans

Multiple data streams in one timeline

Free movement camera with virtual objects

The Result of Extensive Collaborations

The idea for a digital twin of crime scenes was conceived during a Friday coffee break. It wasn’t long before Visual Sweden, the Police, East Sweden Game, Lutra Interactive, Linköping University, Santa Anna IT Research Institute, AI Sweden, and the Region of Östergötland joined forces to make it happen.

This collaboration led to a complex demonstrator developed by Lutra. While appearing simple at first glance, it comprises extensive knowledge and technical prowess. It aims to demonstrate how future digital forensic analyses might be conducted by mirroring crime scenes in a digital environment, made possible with modern game engines.

Digital Forensics

Forensics involves securing traces like footprints, bloodstains, fingerprints, and DNA. With digitalization, a new arena for crime has emerged, necessitating new ways to secure traces—now within the digital world, known as digital forensics or IT forensics.

By bringing together researchers, the public, tech companies, police, and authorities, better and more proactive crime investigation methods can be developed. Technology aids in observing changes and anomalies through AI and pattern recognition across vast amounts of digital information. It also contributes to creating new, essential tools such as visualization and digital twins.

Launching of Visual Crime Scene

On December 7th 2023, the Visual Crime Scene was launched at the Visualization Center in Norrköping. Following the launch, it will become an interactive exhibition, where visitors can try to solve a crime independently, with legendary investigation leader Jan Staaf as their guide.

The exhibition was designed by Norrköping’s Visualization Center and Lutra Interactive with close support from Visual Sweden. Project partners include the Police, East Sweden Game, Linköping University, Santa Anna IT Research Institute, AI Sweden, and the Region of Östergötland.

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